Rolex GMT Master II Rose Gold Black Dial Brown/Black Ceramic Bezel Oyster Bracelet 126715CHNR


The GMT-Master, launched in 1955, was initially developed as a navigation instrument for professionals crisscrossing the globe and to show the time in two different time zones simultaneously. Heir to the original model, the GMT-Master II was launched in 1982, with a Unworn movement that made it easy to use. It’s a combination of splendid functionality, robustness, and instantly recognizable aesthetic that has attracted an enormous number of world travelers. Coke or Pepsi is a matter of taste as individual tastes always differ. Rolex made a version that had a GMT bezel in red and black, called “Coke,”. Later the first GMT-Master from 1955 bore the red-and-blue scale for the 24-hour display, and hence it was nicknamed “Pepsi.” The Unworn Pepsi GMT-Master II represents the…